She Is

She is insecure, but poses confidently.
She may feel weak at times, but has no choice other than to represent Strength
she knows her loved ones are watching

She may not feel valuable, yet she’s far more valuable than the pearls of the sea, and the rubies that shine far beyond her imagination.
She’s constantly stepped on, but like a flower she rises back up.
and when the rain weighs down her life, she doesn’t give up, for she knows that one day that same rain will also help her bloom.

She is a woman.

She is daily confronted with comparison.
She fights hard to keep up with status quo, trends on TV, social media, and magazines. And while she attempts to keep up, she gets made fun of because the skill
level required to be like these celebrities isn’t there yet.
So she’s ridiculed by some, secretly laughed at by others, and encouraged by
her closes friends. When she finally reaches, and when she finally develops the skill, 10 new trends came out.Ironically though she hates it, she loves it. Anything that can make her look better or feel better she welcomes into her life.

She is a woman

she is a daughter
she is a friend
she is a lover

You give her a smile, and she’ll give you a giggle.
Give her a few words, and she’ll write you a poem.
Give her a melody, and she’ll give you a song.
You give her a house, she’ll give you a home.
You give her a seed, and she’ll give you a family.
This is the woman. Able to create an entire world for you.

She is fierce, she is protective towards those whom she loves, and she is unstoppable. She is just beautiful.

She is a woman.

Value her


In Love,